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13 March 2024

Elbow Beach Capital announces its further investment support of battery technology company Anaphite. The overall funding of £1.6m consists of £685k grant funding via the Investor Partnerships Future Economy programme and more than £880k committed by private investors.

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18 December 2023

Elbow Beach is pleased to announce a £1m follow-on investment in Munro Vehicles, a manufacturer of all-electric 4x4 vehicles and Scotland’s only volume production car company. This investment takes Elbow Beach’s commitment to Munro to £1.7m+ and it remains Munro’s largest single investor.

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15 December 2023

On this year’s International Day of Climate Action, Elbow Beach Capital hosted its first ever Portfolio Day. The theme of the day was ‘Catalysing Sustainable Growth’, and it explored how start-ups can successfully balance risk management alongside commercial development to unlock sustainable growth.

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10 August 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has invested £1.5m into Fieldwork Robotics, developers of the world's first autonomous raspberry harvesting robot. The robot, named Alpha, analyses the crop, decides when to harvest the raspberries, and places them in punnets ready for delivery to supermarkets.

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26 July 2023

Elbow Beach Capital is pleased to announce that The Elbow Beach Foundation is supporting three new charities, Energy Sparks, Beefy’s Charity Foundation, set up by former England Cricket Captain Ian Botham, and Coeliac UK.

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11 July 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has led a £900k seed investment round into battery technology and energy storage pioneers, Allye. Allye provides distributed energy storage at the grid edge working in partnership with electricity networks to accelerate decarbonisation while enabling end-users to lower energy costs by up to 50%.

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27 June 2023

Elbow Beach Capital is delighted to become the latest member of the Green Finance Institute. The GFI partners with financial institutions, businesses, policymakers, academics, philanthropists and civil society experts to develop solutions that will redeploy capital at the pace and scale that science demands.

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13 June 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has backed Omnevue, a London-based startup that provides ESG accounting for companies, in a £2.5m seed funding round. Elbow Beach led the round with Pi Labs with support from Zone2boost, and other angel investors. Omnevue has developed cutting-edge integrated software to deliver audit-grade ESG accounting, think Quickbooks for ESG.

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26 January 2023

EBC has backed Shropshire-based broccoli protein specialist, upp to support the commercialisation of the company’s unique harvest automation and upcycling technologies. The UK is one of the largest producers of broccoli in the world but is reliant on increasingly scarce and expensive labour to harvest broccoli heads by hand.

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24 January 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has provided £1.5m in seed funding for waste-to-material pioneers, Unwasted. The London-headquartered company, which converts waste cardboard into premium panel boards will benefit from a strengthened balance sheet and EBC’s commercial expertise ahead of its upcoming Series A.

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17 January 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has backed biopharmaceutical innovators EnsiliTech in a £1.2m pre-seed funding round led by Science Angel Syndicate and Fink Family Office. EnsiliTech is developing a refrigeration-free approach to transporting vaccines that will greatly improve their distribution in developing countries.

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10 January 2023

Elbow Beach Capital has backed bioelectronics startup QV Bioelectronics in a Pre-Series A round led by Science Angel Syndicate and Fink Family Office. Based in Manchester, QV Bioelectronics has created an innovative surgically implanted Electric Field Therapy (EFT) device for the treatment of brain tumours.

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