Refrigeration-Free Vaccine Technology

17 January 2023

As part of its ‘Explore’ programme, Elbow Beach Capital has backed biopharmaceutical innovators EnsiliTech in a £1.2m pre-seed funding round led by Science Angel Syndicate and Fink Family Office.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 50% of all vaccines are currently lost in transport. EnsiliTech is developing a refrigeration-free approach to transporting vaccines that will greatly improve their distribution in developing countries. The technology applies tiny layers of silica – the material sand is made from – to the vaccine. These protective ‘cages’ surround the active ingredients and keep them intact, meaning their properties won’t change regardless of variations in temperature or humidity.

EnsiliTech’s technology will not only democratise access to vaccines, but also reduce the cost and CO2 emissions associated with the current vaccine supply chain.

Co-founder and CEO of EnsiliTech, Dr. Asel Sartbaeva commented:

“Our goal is to make the transportation of vaccines and other life-saving biological materials more efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing the carbon footprint of this critical supply chain. We are thrilled to have the support of our investors as we work towards this mission.”