The View from Bermuda

1 June 2022

In May, the Elbow Beach Capital team visited Bermuda to attend the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s inaugural Climate Summit along with 150 other delegates and international climate and sustainability experts.

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Maddyness Profile of Elbow Beach Capital

16 May 2022

In its #QVCs series, Maddyness profiles different VC funds to provide founders and entrepreneurs the information they need to choose the right investor. In May, Maddyness interviewed Jon Pollock, Elbow Beach Capital's CEO and Co-founder.

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Science Angel Syndicate Partnership

26 April 2022

Elbow Beach Capital is pleased to announce that Science Angel Syndicate co-founders, Dr Ben Miles and Dr Johnathan Matlock will be joining its Advisory Board with immediate effect as part of a collaboration agreement.

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Investment in Electric 4X4 Pioneer Munro

11 April 2022

Elbow Beach Capital announces a £750,000 investment into Glasgow-based electric 4X4 manufacturer Munro Vehicles in order to decarbonise vehicle fleets within the mining, forestry and agriculture industries.

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Elbow Beach Capital Names Advisory Board

29 March 2022

Elbow Beach Capital has appointed an Advisory Board composed of three industry experts with experience ranging across sales transformation, business development, sustainability strategy and digital health solutions.

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Elbow Beach Capital Leads Seed Round into WASE

24 March 2022

Elbow Beach Capital has made its first investment, backing wastewater treatment and bioenergy company, WASE with an initial £400,000 investment to be followed by a further £300,000.

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Elbow Beach Capital Launches Global Impact Venture Vehicle

17 March 2022

Elbow Beach Capital announces the launch of a venture vehicle with an initial £20m of committed capital, focused on decarbonisation, sustainable energy, and social impact opportunities.

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