The View from Bermuda

1 June 2022


In May, the Elbow Beach Capital team visited Bermuda to attend the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s inaugural Climate Summit along with 150 other delegates and international climate and sustainability experts. EBC also visited the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) to explore how Elbow Beach Capital could help them advance their crucial environmental research.

Bermuda Climate Summit

We were delighted to sponsor and attend the inaugural Bermuda Climate Summit, a two-day event attracting some of the world’s most influential climate experts and business leaders to discuss a wide range of climate issues, including the science of climate change, the regulatory needs of green investors, and Bermuda’s potential leadership role in climate technology and finance.

Jon Pollock joined a panel discussion on the nexus between ESG and investing, and the team attended a number of additional networking and collaboration events covering various aspects of sustainability and finance. A number of follow-up meetings have since been organised, including a dinner with the Premier of Bermuda, David Burt.

Stephen Weinstein, BDA Chair:

“We were delighted to host Elbow Beach Capital at the Bermuda Climate Summit. We are confident that Bermuda will emerge as a global capital for climate finance. If the climate finance vertical is to succeed, it will need to encompass various innovative and diversified financial solutions, and early-stage venture capital is a critical part of the equation to allocate capital to address what are simultaneously our most significant challenges, and most exciting business and investment opportunities. We look forward to welcoming Elbow Beach Capital back to next year’s summit and wish them every success.”

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Elbow Beach also visited the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, to learn more about the research they are undertaking and the environmental risks that island nations such as Bermuda face or may face in coming years. EBC visited both the BIOS headquarters and the Tudor Hill Marine Atmospheric Observatory and met the team which operates it, including Associate Scientist, Andrew Peters.  Following the meeting, Elbow Beach Capital elected to make a £25K donation to BIOS through the Elbow Beach Foundation to enhance the observatory’s capabilities.

Dr Andrew Peters, BIOS:

“With valuable and generous support from Elbow Beach Capital and its Foundation, we intend to purchase two new instruments which will monitor solar radiation and aerosols loading at the sea atmosphere interface. These instruments will greatly enhance the capabilities of our Tudor Hill Marine Atmospheric Observatory. We are passionate about what we do here and are always excited to partner with people who share our passion for Bermuda and protecting marine environments.”