Launch of World’s Most Capable All-Electric 4X4

6 December 2022

Elbow Beach Capital investee, Munro Vehicles last night unveiled its first all-electric off-roader, the MK_1 at a launch event in Edinburgh. The MK_1 is the first light vehicle to enter production in Scotland in more than four decades and its unique attributes make it an ideal low-carbon choice for sectors such as construction, agriculture, forestry and mining. With an onboard payload of 1000kg, a towing capacity of 3500kg and an off-road duty cycle of 16 hours on a single charge, the MK_1 is engineered to provide owners and operators with decades of robust, reliable service.

In 2024, Munro will expand from its current headquarters in East Kilbride to a new purpose-built factory in central Scotland, where production will scale to more than 250 units per year. The new site will eventually produce 2,500 vehicles every year and create over 300 skilled manufacturing jobs.


Jonathan Pollock, Munro Board Member and CEO of Elbow Beach Capital commented: “The launch of MK_1 is a fantastic achievement, but it’s just the start for Munro. A significant opportunity exists to materially decarbonise numerous industries and Munro is now one of the bestplaced UK EV manufacturers to achieve this. Commercial EVs, particularly in the UK, have too often taken the back seat to consumer-focused peers, Munro is about to change that.”