Elbow Beach Capital is a private investment company focused on decarbonisation, sustainable energy, and social impact businesses. We support exceptional founders and their teams in scaling their businesses through capital investments, coupled with ESG and go-to-market expertise. Elbow Beach Capital backs innovative entrepreneurs who are building businesses that will have a positive impact on our planet and society.

Our Focus

We have three complementary sector focuses:


Rethinking industry

Carbon Capture, Innovative Packaging, Waste Management, Environmental Services, Circular Economy

Sustainable Energy

Powering the future

Renewable Energy, Cleantech, Battery Technology, Energy Efficiency, Synthetic Fuels

Social Impact

Solutions for a more equitable world

Sustainable Agriculture, Smart Cities, Hydroponics, Healthcare, Food & Medicine Equality

We are a collaborative, determined and energetic team. We respect honesty, integrity, ingenuity and openness and work with entrepreneurs who share these values. Above all we want to win as a team.

Elbow Beach Foundation

Elbow Beach, Bermuda is a paradise of pink sand that our grandchildren may never see. Crystal-clear waters lap the shore of Elbow Beach and break over diminishing coral reefs, struggling to protect it from the worst of the Atlantic weather that sweeps over the isolated volcanic island.

Over the course of their lives, each of our founders has enjoyed Elbow Beach’s waters, wildlife, and coral reef. But the impact of climate change is becoming clearer and more worrying with every passing day. Weather patterns are changing, storms are worsening, and sea levels are rising. Small islands, such as Bermuda, are at the frontline.

Tourism is Bermuda’s second largest industry accounting for about 5% of Bermuda’s GDP but a much larger share of employment. The loss of Elbow Beach and others like it will permanently harm its economy, wildlife and people, with those on the lowest incomes hit hardest. Elbow Beach is just a single example of how man-made climate change continues to alter the world we inhabit.

Elbow Beach Capital is committed to ensuring that every investment we make helps to protect the future of our planet, its inhabitants and its ecosystems through technological advancement.

Elbow Beach Capital recognises that not all organisations undertaking important environmental, educational, healthcare and social projects are run for profit. In order to support these organisations, we have established The Elbow Beach Foundation.

Every year, the Foundation identifies projects or organisations that are enabling positive social or environmental change and donates up to £50,000 in support of their cause.

Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Charitable Donations


Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

BIOS is an independent, non-profit scientific research and educational orgnaisation based in Bermuda. For over 100 years BIOS-based researchers and visiting scientists have worked to explore the ocean and address important local and global environmental issues.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital

Every day, hundreds of children arrive at Great Ormand Street Hospital for life-changing treatments. The Hospital depends on charity support for key areas including research into childhood diseases, and advanced medical equipment.

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The Daisy garland

The Daisy Garland

The Daisy Garland charity works with children and families whose lives have been touched by drug-resistant epilepsy, providing one-to-one support to families as well as funding for specialised treatment programmes.

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New Start

New Start

New Start is based in Wythenshawe Hospital, one of only five Heart and Lung Transplant centres in the UK. It funds essential equipment and services that enhance the lives of patients undergoing the life-saving transplant surgery.

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The Land Trust

The Land Trust owns and manages open spaces, such as country parks, nature reserves and woodlands, ensuring that they are protected and maintained for communities in a sustainable way, having a positive impact on the environment and society.

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Beefy’s Charity Foundation

Set up by Member of the House of Lords and former cricketer Ian Botham (nicknamed Beefy), the Foundation funds projects relating to chronic illnesses and other challenges that young people face. Selected charities include: Blood Cancer UK, Batten Disease Family Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity.

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Energy Sparks

Energy Sparks is an online energy analysis tool and energy education programme designed to help schools reduce their carbon emissions through the analysis of smart meter data. Energy Sparks aims to educate young people about the impact of climate change.

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Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK helps people with coeliac disease and other gluten related conditions live happier, healthier lives. The charity provides the community with independent, trustworthy advice to help individuals manage their conditions and also funds crucial research into possible cures for the disease.

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The Migraine Trust

The Migraine Trust is dedicated to helping people affected by the disorder. The charity is the only UK migraine charity providing information and support, campaigning for awareness and change, and funding and promoting research.

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Women for Women International

Women for Women International helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. The charity supports the most marginalised women across the world who are directly affected by violence and conflict to overcome this trauma and work towards a better future for themselves and their families.

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