Harness graphene. Power the future.

Anaphite was founded in 2018 by Sam Burrow and Alex Hewitt, who both had a passion to develop next-generation clean technologies.  Their vision for the company is to accelerate the mass adoption of battery electric vehicles, by developing and licensing technologies which enable faster-charging, increased-range and lower-cost batteries.

Anaphite focuses on the enhancement of lithium-ion batteries for the electric vehicle industry. Roughly 30% of an EV’s costs come from its battery, and Anaphite’s technology can reduce battery manufacturing costs by over 10%. The company’s technology also improves battery capacity and charge rates, potentially reducing charging time by 50%. By reducing manufacturing costs and improving charge rates and capacity, Anaphite helps EV manufacturers overcome three of the key commercial barriers to genuine mass adoption of Li-ion batteries.

“I’m excited that Elbow Beach Capital are helping us to move forward into the next stage of our growth. I truly believe, that with EBC's backing, we are in a great position to have a significant impact in the fight against climate change by accelerating the mass adoption of EVs with our fast-charging graphene technology.” - Alexander Hewitt, COO and Co-founder

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